What is BizzWithMe?

BizzWithMe is a website where you can sell or buy a company, business or franchise.

What is the difference between transparent and incognito ads?

The difference is how do you want your Bizz is being sold and presented. If you want the sale of your Bizz to be unknown, you will choose an incognito ad. If you want everyone to know that you are selling your Bizz, then the ad should be transparent.

Are all the information in the ads 100% accurate?

We cannot guarantee the information accuracy because that’s data created and provided by third-party and advertisers.

How do I determine the price of my Bizz?

This is not easy and sometimes you need to consult to be able to determine the range of the real price. You can also contact us about it.

What should I look out for when I sell my Bizz?

The date of the change of ownership should be clearly agreed and the obligations of the buyer and the seller should be defined.

What should I look out for when I buy Bizz?

Care should be taken that the previous business is clean and that there are no old debts or disputes. This is very important if a legal entity is taken over.

What is the difference between income and profit?

Income is the total amount that a company achieves in a given period of time while profit is the difference between total income and total costs.