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We call them Bizz… Why? Because we believe that there is no universal word in our language that describes them better. We can use the word company, business, slag or something else. But in the end of the day here you can buy or sell your Bizz

Assess the value of your Bizz

We are not all financial experts. Nor do we have to be. But we can ask professionals for an opinion and make big decisions based on the opinion. We offer a quick and affordable assessment of your company or business.

Make your Bizz visible worldwide

We live in a world without boundaries and limitations. Technology and connectivity make the world a smaller place and maybe someone in the other part of the world wants your Bizz in your location. Let him know it's available. Negotiate with everyone!

Advertise your Bizz transparently

Sometimes Bizz is sold without any information who the seller is. But sometimes it is important to know exactly which company or business is for sale because then communication goes much faster. Choose your sales method.